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By kelvinschro71118470, Feb 7 2017 05:50PM

Our Valentine’s Day sale is going on now through the 14th. Find a special gift that says I love you from our vast and beautiful jewelry lines. Sale prices are from 15% to 25% off in stock inventory, and check out the following link to our exclusive Valentine’s Day flyer.

www.bercojewelry.com/promotions/2017 Valentines Day/index.html

By kelvinschro71118470, Feb 1 2017 05:55PM

Stop down and visit us this Saturday the 31st from 9:00 to 3:00 at the Oak Creek Community Center for the annual Bridal Expo.

We will be handing out coupons at the show with exclusive bridal jewelry sale specials! Attend the show, receive your coupons, make note the following promo code, then stop in our store to take advantage of the savings!



By kelvinschro71118470, Nov 21 2016 05:45PM

A: All quality aspects are important however the least to be concerned with is clarity provided the inclusions / imperfections are not terribly eye visible, impeding the flow of light return, or pose any detriment to the stones durability. Color and cut are pretty much equal in importance and will strongly effect the immediate impression you’ll have of a given diamond. Cut proportions too far from ‘Ideal’ will diminish the light return of the diamond, and color grades below H will start to become increasingly obvious (yellow, brown, etc.) to most human eyes. I would also like to note that carat weight although not exactly a quality factor will affect price just as much, but compromising quality to gain a bit of size within the same budget we find most people regret later. A fine diamond is much more impressive and holds its value more than a larger one that's ‘meah’… mediocre. The blog previous to this one elaborates more on these issues and may prove helpful to you as well.

By kelvinschro71118470, Oct 17 2016 04:45PM

A: Every diamond shopper would love to own a huge perfect one but since most of us have a budget unfortunately some compromises must be made, and this is when deciding which quality factors are most important comes into play. The diamond you decide upon has much to do with personal preference however our professional opinion and educated common consensus does suggest a range whereby all the ‘naked eye’ perceivable quality factors are equally present.

Clarity of VS2 or SI1 is a good choice because your diamond should be free of eye visible inclusions and durability issues. SI2 (and very occasionally I1) clarity stones can also be acceptable provided a gemologist cherry picks you a really good one. Clarity grades from VS1 to FL will cost far more and don’t add any beauty to the diamond that will be perceivable to the naked eye. Clarity grades lower than I1 will usually have very noticeable imperfections and/or structural problems.

Most people will start to notice a tint of body color at letter grade H (especially the larger the diamond), therefore color grades of G up to D (colorless) will have increasingly more of the desired ‘white’ pure ice like appearance. If you want the first impression of your diamond to be that it doesn’t have any color then a G is a good choice, F is even better and makes the stone a bit more special due to it being rarer. D or E are really ‘WOW’ white but obviously get quite a bit more expensive.

Cut proportions that are within ‘Ideal Cut’ parameters will yield the most light return and beauty. Polish, symmetry, and cut grades should be lab graded at least ‘good’ (grades lower than this will affect beauty); though we tend to suggest ‘very-good’ since the difference in appearance is noticeable enough to make the extra expense worthwhile. However with cutting technology as it is today most newly cut stones should be very good to excellent anyway.

UV fluorescence should be no stronger than medium or it can adversely affect the appearance of a white diamond despite what some jewelers may say… because strongly fluorescent stones are less rare and less expensive so there is more profit to be made in selling one to a customer that is not aware of it.

In summary the best ‘beauty to value’ quality combinations are generally within VS2 to SI2, F to G, ‘Ideal Cut’ proportions or close to them, very-good polish, symmetry and cut grade, none to faint fluorescence (preferably blue in color if it has any). All this considered we still advise our customers to only spend money on what is appreciable to their eye… for that is the most important factor!

Aspects of diamond quality and how they relate to each other and cost can be a bit confusing and overwhelming but we will be happy to sit down and take as much time as you would like to explain them correctly and show you the differences.

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